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  1. GCL International Ltd is an AAC (Affiliate Audit Company) of Sedex
  2. Availability of APSCA CSCA/ RA Auditors
  3. We ensure Relax, Ethical, and Cooperative Audit

Get your SMETA Audit done now!

"GCL International Ltd" – is an AAC (Affiliate Audit Company) of Sedex (www.sedexglobal.com). Sedex is home to one of the world’s leading collaborative platforms for buyers, suppliers and affiliate audit companies to store, share and report on information quickly and easily.

What is SMETA?

  1. SMETA is an audit, which helps you to understand standards of labour, health and safety, environmental performance, and ethics within your own operations or at a supplier site.
  2. Delivered by one of our approved auditor companies , you or your supplier is provided with a Corrective Action Plan to help improve performance in these areas.
  3. It is designed to help protect workers from unsafe conditions, overwork, discrimination, low pay and forced labour.

Benefits of SEDEX

Increased visibility

Gain a greater understanding of the social and environmental performance of your business and suppliers

Prioritise high risks

Assess and monitor higher risk suppliers on their performance over time

Efficient supplier auditing

Data can be shared with multiple buyers, reducing the number of audits you’ll need to collect

Improve supplier performance

SMETA provides a Corrective Action Plan to help improve supplier performance and resolve issues found in the audit

Comply with legislation

SMETA audits facilitate compliance with existing and upcoming legislation

Being granted an account of AAC (Affiliate Audit Company) indicates GCL International ’s commitment to correctly use SMETA methodology and the Sedex Advance platform under Sedex’s supervision. The account provides additional benefits and obligations, including access to Sedex Advance and the Sedex platform, Sedex products and services, and engagement in the SMETA audit quality monitor and assessment.

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Why choose GCL for your SMETA audit service?

GCL is an approved Sedex AAC.

APSCA CSCA/RA Auditors only Lead the Smeta audits.

Availability of competent auditors across all regions.

Timely submission of Comprehensive audit report.

Ethical behaviour of the auditors and GCL stas.

GCL demonstrate compliance with Sedex’s stringent AAC requirements during Pre-audit, On-site audit and Post audit assessments

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does GCL HQ locate?
Operating from our base in central London, United Kingdom, we have a network of overseas offices in 5 continents, serving over 50 countries.
2. Is there any availability of an online portal?
Our expansion called for a significant investment in information technology. Our 360-degree IT team is always serving our clients in 24 hours for online portal support.
3. How long does it take to get the audit schedule?
10 working days from the date of completion of your Application for SEDEX-SMETA. We try our best to prioritize the client’s needs first.
4. Who is responsible for the GCL Bangladesh office?
GCL Bangladesh office is completely managed by their Bangladesh management (Local Office).
5. How much does it cost? Can I pay in installments?
The price is negotiable and competitive we always offer the best price to our clients. But we do not accept payment in installments. You need to pay the full amount.
6. How long does it take to issue a certification?
Basically, SMETA is a standard-based audit; it is not an audit for certification. SMETA audit acts as a factory improvement partner and establish a good labor practice in the factory.

Make double the benefits of completing Your assessment with us

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